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Welcome to my Reports Page, where I share insights and reflections from past projects. Dive into the narratives of my creative endeavors, from the intricacies of filmmaking to community engagement initiatives. These reports not only document the journey but also offer a glimpse into the methodologies, challenges, and successes that shape my approach to each endeavor. Join me in exploring the multifaceted stories behind the projects that define my passion for media arts and communications.


Embark on a riveting cinematic experience with my senior-year thriller short film. This project delves deep into the art of suspense, intertwining scriptwriting, and camera expertise to weave a tale that captivates both visually and emotionally. Through hands-on exploration of camera equipment and the meticulous steps of pre- to post-production, this thriller not only showcases my technical proficiency but also aims to enthrall a broader audience. Beyond its artistic merit, this film represents a milestone in my filmmaking journey, reflecting my dedication to storytelling and establishing connections vital for future endeavors in the world of creative filmmaking. Join me on this immersive journey where tension meets the lens, creating a cinematic narrative that transcends the screen.


Embark on a year-long celebration of achievement and growth with our Senior Stories project in the IMA department. Together, as a dedicated team of students guided by a department professor, we delve into the narratives of graduating seniors. Through written posts, stories, website updates, and potential video content, our goal is to present a comprehensive overview of their journeys. Beyond academic accomplishments, we strive to capture the personal and creative evolution of each senior. This project is more than documentation; it's a commitment to crafting compelling stories that resonate, providing a platform for seniors to reflect and inspire future generations of IMA students. Join us on this collaborative journey as we preserve the legacy of our department while embracing innovation and fresh perspectives.


Experience the vibrant tapestry of downtown Huntingdon through our revitalization project. Focused on event documentation and promotion, our strategic management of the local Facebook page and Instagram account aims to elevate content quality and community engagement. From meticulous research to the creation of original content, our approach fosters a dynamic online presence. Videography and photography, integral to the project, offer an immersive view into the heart of community events and businesses. These visual narratives not only document the town's vibrancy but also serve as compelling promotional tools. Through a commitment to quality and authenticity, our work goes beyond documentation—it weaves a story that captures the essence of downtown Huntingdon, fostering community pride and connection.

Jana Marie Foundation Report

Embark on a multimedia journey with our Community Lab Design class, where my role in the video team spans diverse responsibilities. From crafting engaging interview-style videos featuring staff, parents, and young voices to producing an insightful introduction video showcasing our client's mission, services, and team, every project is tailored for maximum impact. I contribute to social media video concepts, exploring platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, including the creation of engaging YouTube Shorts. Taking on the dual role of conducting interviews during employee headshots, I ensure seamless collaboration with the photo team. Overseeing the creation of promotional materials and redesigning resource and business cards, our video team aligns design with the client's branding. Crucially, we navigate legalities with photo and media release forms and extend our reach through partnerships with various campus clubs. This collaborative effort is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, visually compelling content that resonates with our community.
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